Our Programs



Our dance classes offer the fundamentals and basics of dance in a fun and engaging atmosphere. We start every class with stretching and across the floor technique, giving us the chance to work on gross motor skills and strength building. Students will also get a chance to learn a dance combination which is performed at the end of our sessions. Keeping our No Limits students engaged and learning is important to us. We always include some fun, active dance games near the end of  every class.  


Tuesday 5:30(Los Alamitos)
Friday 4:30(5-9yrs), 5:30(10-18yrs) & Saturday 10:00am (McCoyRigby)




Musical Theater

The Musical Theater classes offer a fun and informative way to explore theater fundamentals through creative play and games. Every class period devotes structure time to movement and dance, breath control, speech skills, singing  and acting with an emphasis on recognizing and replicating emotional and physical states. All these skills are combined at the end of each class in a song and dance routine emphasizing ensemble building and creativity. 



Wednesday 4:45 (McCoyRigby)




Our tumbling class works on muscle and core strengthening. Class starts with stretching and warming up exercises. They continue into class with gross motor skills, such as balance work, cartwheels, and jumping. Floor mats as well as different tumbling apparatus are used during class to help the kids feel safe, confident and successful in what they are doing. 



Friday 3:30 (McCoyRigby)